About Us

The McCandless Collection was founded by Mike McCandless in honor of his father Herb McCandless. Herb was a legendary drag racer known as “Mr. 4 Speed”. The families passion for racing was passed down and now hundreds of cars as well as many other vintage automotive memorabilia are on showcase at this museum. 

The Founder

The McCandless Collection is a culmination of my passion for all things Mopar and my love of the “Forward Look” era from 1955-1961.  I have collected automobilia and cars my entire life.  My vision is to properly preserve, restore, and share the history associated with these Mopar artifacts.

Growing up around my fathers business, Herb McCandless Performance Parts, instilled an appreciation of Mopar vehicles. Both my mother and father were huge fans of the Forward Look and their love was passed down through the family.

The Forward Look era from 1955-1961 has always been a primary focus of my collection. In my opinion, nothing rides like a Forward Look car.  As much as I appreciate these cars, racing is still in my blood. I have acquired three of my father’s original race cars. These cars hold a special place in my heart and each brings back significant memories for my Dad.

Automobilia will be a huge part of the collection on this website. Antique neon signs, dealership specific advertising, Chrysler promo pieces, and even rare concept art will be displayed over time. The more unique the better.

Who knows what pieces will be added in the future but as with any antique, they will present themselves when ready to be found!

Mike McCandless