1959 Chrysler 300E

The big news for 1959 was the new Golden Lion V8 that replaced the heavy and expensive Hemi V8. The new Golden Lion V8 sported Chrysler’s new wedge-shaped combustion chamber design. The new 413 “Wedge” V8 continued to use dual four-barrel carburetors. Acceleration was fast at a claimed 8.3 second 0-60 time.

The appearance of the 300E was similar to the previous model. The most significant change was the use of narrow horizontal red bars highlighted by four chrome bars in place of the older egg crate grille. Red bars were also used in the narrow air scoops for the front brakes that were positioned below the headlights. Also new were the “300” letters located on the lower driver side portion of the hood. At the rear were new taillights and a larger bumper with recessed back-up lights. A total of 550 coupes were built.