1957 Dodge Coronet D-501

1957 Dodge Coronet D-501

Fifth car built of a special production project of approximately one hundred cars intended for NASCAR or drag racing use.  Less than 10 are known to exist and this car remains in mostly original condition.  Built in late November 1956, it was purchased new and drag raced during the 1957 season by Arnie “The Farmer” Beswick.  Lee Smith purchased the car in late 1959, briefly sold it between mid-1962 and early 1964, then re-acquired it in 1964.  This car was acquired from Lee in 2018.

The factory race package included the following parts and specs:

·         1956 Chrysler 300B – 354 CU IN Hemi with special chrome crankshaft, solid lifter camshaft and special valves designed for the 1958 fuel injected 300D Hemi

·         1957 Chrysler 300C – Dual quad carbs, close ratio manual 3 speed transmission, 4.89:1 sure grip differential (available ratios were 2.93:1 thru 6.17:1)

·         1957 Imperial – Complete suspension, 12” x 2.5” brakes, 15” x 6.5” wheels with 9/16” wheel bolts

·         Additional specs included 7.60-15 heavy duty tires, 26-gallon fuel tank, factory deleted heater and radio

·         Weight 4,050 lbs.

·         Cost – $3,314