1957 DeSoto Adventurer Convertible

The Adventurer was DeSoto’s limited-production glamour and performance model, and one of the most appealing and dramatic products of Chrysler’s Forward Look era. In 1957 it was available as a hardtop coupe or convertible, strictly in either black or white, both with a contrasting “side spear” and interior in Adventurer Gold Poly, and matching gold-anodized aluminum trim, wheels, and hardware accents. Even the carpet glittered, having been woven with gold metallic threads.

Under the hood was a Hemi V-8, bored out by 20-thousandths of an inch and dressed with a performance camshaft and dual quads, so that it would produce the magic one horsepower per cubic inch, 375 in total. Adventurers built between 1956 and 1959 were limited in production, but the 1957 model was especially so, having been introduced later than the rest of that year’s DeSoto line. There was no mention of the model in the catalogue and no Adventurer brochure – just an insert for the owner’s manual, welcoming owners to the “elite Adventurer family.” Elite, indeed; in 1957, only 300 convertibles were made.