1957 Chrysler 300C

The 1957 300C is generally considered the classic year of the 300 “Letter Series.”  New styling was brought in, with a yawning wide front grille and fins; the Hemi engine was upgraded to 392 cubic inches with 375 HP.  The first convertible model 300 was also introduced in 1957.  The car had a number of red, white and blue ‘300C’ medallions on the sides, hood, trunk and interior.

With the introduction of the 1957 300C, 300 Letter Cars became known as the Beautiful Brutes.  The entire 1957 Chrysler Corporation line up was touted as, “The New Shape of Motion!” Perhaps the most memorable slogan that year was, “Suddenly it’s 1960!”  It was used in advertisements for the Plymouth, but it could very well have applied to the Chrysler 300C as well.  It was that dramatically new.

The 1957 300C did not compete in NASCAR track events, but with its 375 HP Hemi engine, again won the Daytona Beach Flying Mile, making the Chrysler 300 the fastest American car in Class 7 for the third straight year. 

This example is one of four made in Champagne Gold and is one of the most driven cars in the Collection.